Thursday 11th July 2024

    चलचित्र कलाकार संघ र महर्षि वैदिक फाउण्डेसनको ध्यान एवं योगासनको अभ्यास कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न    Writers Corner Nepal welcomed the esteemed Indian poet Dr. Bhawani Shankar    नेपाली कांग्रेस जन सम्पर्क समिति अल कासिमको सभापतिमा टिकाराम तामाङ चयन    Esteemed Indian poet Nil including 16 Nepali poets recited the poem    कार्कीको नेतृत्वको फान यूएसए च्याप्टरलाई कलाकार संघको आधिकारिता

5th NCIFF Celebrates Human Rights, Sustainable Development, and Cultural Creativity through Films

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 National Power

KATHMANDU– “We are thrilled to present the 5th Nepal Cultural International Film Festival, an event that not only celebrates the art of cinema but also serves as a platform for dialogue on crucial issues such as human rights and sustainable development,” said by Mr.Santosh Subedi, The Chairman of Nepal Culture and Film Center and Director of 5th Nepal Cultural International Film Festival 2024. “Through the universal language of film, we hope to foster greater empathy, understanding, and collaboration across borders.”

The 5th Nepal Cultural International Film Festival is set to captivate audiences with a diverse selection of films from around the globe, promoting themes of human rights, sustainable development, and cultural creativity. Scheduled to take place from March 29th to March 31st, the festival promises an enriching cinematic experience at both the Film Development Board Nepal and Tourism Board Nepal.

This year’s festival will showcase a total of 60 Semifinalist films, representing 37 different languages from 37 different countries, underscoring the universal appeal of cinema as a medium for cultural exchange and understanding. The event will commence with a grand opening ceremony on March 29th at the Tourism Board Nepal. Setting the stage for three days of cinematic exploration and celebration at both the Film Development Board Nepal and Tourism Board Nepal.

From March 29th to March 31st, 2024, the Film Development Board Nepal and the Nepal Tourism Board will serve as vibrant venues, hosting a captivating array of film screenings, panel discussions, Master Classes, and cultural exchanges. With free entry for all, the festival will embrace inclusivity and accessibility, inviting people from all walks of life to experience the magic of cinema.

Attendees can expect a diverse array of films that address pressing global issues while celebrating the richness of cultural diversity. From poignant dramas to thought-provoking documentaries, the festival lineup promises to engage, inspire, and provoke meaningful discussions.

The closing ceremony and awards gala, scheduled for March 31st at the Film Development Board Nepal, will honor the outstanding contributions of filmmakers who have excelled in conveying powerful narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. A distinguished panel of seven national and seven international jurors will meticulously evaluate the entries and select the winners for 15 national awards and 15 international awards. Seven international jurors—Magdalena Juszczyk from Poland, Dirk Gilson from Germany, Ljubinka Stojanovic from Serbia, Jan Schlenk from Germany, Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan from India, Iva Galovic from Croatia, Miriam Glaser from Korea—lent their expertise to the judging process, alongside national jurors Mohan Niraula, Shanti Pryia, Aachal Dawadi, Mohan Rai, Sushma Karki, Jay Nishant, and Subash Shrestha Pradhan. Together, they meticulously evaluated each film, recognizing excellence in storytelling, cinematography, and cultural relevance.

The Nepal Cultural International Film Festival invites film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the general public to come together for three days of cinematic excellence and cultural exchange. Join us as we explore the power of storytelling to inspire positive change and promote a more inclusive and sustainable world.

About Nepal Culture and Film Center (NCFC):

Nepal Culture and Film Center is a non-governmental non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of film, art, and culture since 2017. NCFC mission is to preserve, protect, and promote cultural diversity and artistic expression worldwide. We strive to create an international platform for filmmakers to showcase their work on a global scale through cultural exchange.

About Nepal Cultural International Film Festival (NCIFF):

The Nepal Cultural International Film Festival is a annual event organized by Nepal Culture and Film Center. Nepal Cultural there national film Festival is a premier showcase of cinema from around the world, dedicated to promoting cultural exchange, dialogue, and understanding through the medium of film. Established in 2018, the festival celebrates the diverse voices and perspectives of filmmakers while highlighting themes of social justice, human rights, and sustainable development.