Tuesday 5th December 2023

    सिविसको आयोजनामा सांसदहरुसँग नीति संवाद    प्रेम रतन धन पायो, हुक्का बार जस्ता बहुचर्चित गीतका गायक विनीत सिंहको लाइभ शो सम्पन्न    The portal job4.online has been launched in Australia    नेपाल एओटीएस र आईकोसा, जापानको आयोजनामा‘राष्ट्रिय विकासमा साना तथा मझौला उद्योगहरुको भूमिका’ विषयक सेमिनार सम्पन्न    कान्तिपुर मलले दशैँ, तिहार तथा छठ पर्वको अवसरमा सञ्चालन गरेको उपहारमा रसुवाका सन्तोष मोक्तानले जिते मोटरसाइकल

Media and Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. (Intro.)

Saturday, October 28, 2017 National Power

Media & Entertainment Pvt.  2064 BS (2008 AD) is a company established in the year. this company has been producing movies, television programs, music videos, documentaries, advertisements and many more.

This company has its own unique identity in Nepal due to its efficient technician and excellent technology.  This company has been doing various types of cultural programs at the national and international level. in addition, this company has doing national importance with various prestigious companies of Nepal. The company has to brought www.nationalpowernews.com and Power News National Monthly magazine Operations.

There are some important functions of this company :

 Movie Production and Distribution :The Stone Era (First Nepali silent Movie) – 2065 BS, Sathi Jungal ko (Nepali Movie) – 2066 BS, Sange Jibai Sange Marbai(Matthali Movie) -2068 BS, Stone Era (the human civilization)- 2071BS, Rekye the savior (Short Movie-Nepal Army) -2071 BS, Birano Maya (Nepali  Movie) -2072 BS,Kuineto (Nepali movie) – 2072 BS, Durgamandu (Short Movie) -2073 BS

Tele film’s:-Malai chhori dine koi chha ? (NTV-2) -2066 BS, KO Bhanda ko kam (Terai T.V.) -2066 Bs, Hye Bhye Karare Bhor (Matthali Telefilm) -2067 BS, Titye kareli (Kantipur Television (Edit) – 2068 BS

 Television Program: – The Box Office -2065- 66 BS (NTV-2), Cinemax-2065 – 66 BS (NTV-2), Clap-in – 2064- 65 BS (Terai T.V.), One Day – 2064-65 BS (Terai T.V.), Career Platform – 2066 BS (NTV) , Nepal Yatra – 2067-1968 BS (NTV-2), Cinema Nepal – 2067 BS (NTV-2), Clap-in – 2067-68 BS (NTV-2), Career Plus-2070 Bs (Mountain T.V.), Career Click – 2070 Bs (New 24 TV), Yes Talk (YES TV), Bisayera Bahash (YES TV)

Documentary: -Destination Kusheshwor – 2064 BS(Nepal Tourism Board), In the waiting for justice -2065 BS (human rights academic group), Charanawati-2065 BS (Religious) , Chhaitwan In natural Pain -2066 BS (Social) , Gadhimai 2066 – 2066 BS (Religious), Trekking to jiri – 2067 BS (Tourism), Destination Khadadevi-2068 BS (Religious), Destination to  Se-Foksundo-2068 BS (Lake Conservation Development Committee),Earthquake information-2068 BS (Building construction department),Construction of Baghmati River …-2069 BS (Bagmati High Commission),Introduction of Siraha District -2069 BS (Development Construction),Siraha Municipality Introduction – 2069 Bs (Development Construction),U.N.Park … Story of Development -2070 BS (Development Construction-Travel of Sahlesh Fulbari – 2071 Bs (Tourism and Development),GRS Intro 2073 BS (Education and information .

Advertising –Rock Jamming Tour – 2065BS, NTV Night-2066 Bs, Chhyachhabi Digital Cinema Award -2069 BS to Till date First Kathmandu Short Film Festa-2069 BS, Rapati  Music Award-2070 Bs, Star F.M. Music Award-2070 BS, Box Office Film Award -2070 BS, GRS School Advertisement – 2073 Bs.

Important Event’s

Music For Tourism-2073 Bs (Co-operative “Music Mongering Culture Expedition Organization), National Power Education Education Award -2017 Bs4. Other different stage events .

Associated Program’s

Music Khabar Music Award, D-Cine Award. Teej Music Award. Box Office Film Fair Award.

Media Consultants:

1) National Women’s Commission

2) Wild Life Watch Group

3) Global  Hospital Pvt. ltd

4) DSL Investment Pvt. Ltd.