Thursday 2nd December 2021

    तेस्रो ग्लोबल अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलन डिसेम्बर ११ मा    गोवामा आँधीतुफान -२ का टाइटल गीतहरुको छायाँकन सकेर फर्किए नायक संजित भण्डारी    तेश्रो एपिक नेपाल म्युजिक अवार्डको भव्य रुपमा सम्पन्न    ब्लड डोनेसन अभियानमा स्वेताको सक्रियता    आयो ‘चुरीफुरी’ को ट्रेलर

Distinguished personalities from different countries including Nepal honored with UNPKFC Humanitarian Award

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 Devil Singh Rajput

Kathmandu: United Nations Peace Keeper Federal Council (UNPKFC) has honored distinguished personalities from different countries including Nepal with International Award. They were awarded the UNPKFC Humanitarian Leadership Award. The award ceremony Was held at Hotel Marriott in Kathmandu on Sunday.
UNPKFC’s International President H.E. Datuk Dr. Apinita Chechen awarded them with a certificate and a medal. Religious leaders, officials of diplomatic missions, human rights activists, and media persons from Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Korea, Russia, India, and other countries, were honored on the occasion. They have been honored for their professional contribution to various programs and activities of UNPKFC.
Tejendra Sharma Poudel, senior tourism entrepreneur / social worker, advisor of UNPKFC and Saroj Ojha, media person, and other prominent personalities were honored from Nepal.
UNPKFC is an international humanitarian organization working in the field of peace and human rights. Its headquarters is in Thailand.