Wednesday 25th November 2020

    गतिशिल महासंघका लागि सबल नेतृत्व : सुबोधकुमार गुप्ता    कोरोनाबाट मृत्यु हुनेको संख्या १४ लाख नाघ्यो    युटुबरमाथि अक्षयको ५ सय करोडको मानहानीको केस    अदालतका रजिष्ट्रार र श्रेस्तेदारहरुको राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलन सुरु    कक्षा १२ को परीक्षा सुरु

Better lesson in the right phase of life is very important .

Friday, August 10, 2018 National Power


Dhangadhi – This inhuman behavior is becoming  a usual thing nowadays .we give condolence to the family and people only blame government and the system for the crime. And some people from the society gather and start gossip about this unlawful act. Everyone have a different views on that ,some says its due to low security system by government but they don’t know that government cannot provide a security to the girl who has become prey by her own father, brother and other relatives. Some has different point of view on it they said this all is  happening   because our constitutions have no law to give death penalty to the rapist. But if that was a truth then our neighbor country India have such law but the crime is increasing instead of decreasing. Then after some time the news become viral and the people who actually don’t have any work to do get a very interesting topic to discuss . some medias who were waiting for the spicy news get it right here .

its really strange in our country , every home has a journalist , a journalist who actually don’t care about the reality ,but feel happy when get anything to post on their media . they don’t care about the feelings which might occur to victim when she sees her big photograph with the title of rape victim on the news. actually its not a great issue that they make her highlight ,but the problem is ,how the society sees her when they know that she is a victim . Our society is full of educated people but their perspective of seeing a rape victim is different than they actually deserve. Criminals are moving freely and the victim have to cover their face due to the fear of the people , due to the fear of the society . everyone knows who the victim was but no one have a idea about the offender .she started feeling guilty, though she had no fault on that .

she definitely have tried to be brave at the time, when the monster demon tried to catch her. She must have tried to escape from that brutal situation, but she was weak physically, not mentally . she could not win over that monsters. when the news is totally viral then people get into the street, conducting the candle march, some demanding the resignation of ministers and some demanding death penalty to the criminals but I think these all the things are useless, nothing is going to change by conducting the candle march against crime . Nothing is going to be changed even after decades if the same thing repeated continuously . we should rather give a better sacraments to our children. we should better educate our children about sex education in right age in a right way .

Yes strict laws should be implemented against these inhuman behavior but morals are more powerful than any rules and punishment . we should Sensitive young children on matters of sex and sexual crimes . We need to enforce strong morals and value systems in school children. Schools should make that effort along with families. We should teach our children about humanity because nothing is more powerful than the better lesson in the right phase of life.

Sapana Joshi
Dhangadhi Kailali